Team Development

You’ve seen it in sports and it’s also true in business: a team of superstars can be surpassed by a committed and passionate team that leverages their talents and elevates them to unexpected heights. Effective teamwork depends on a few key variables: team goals, team culture, and the strengths and skills of each team member. Because teams are built on the natural complexities of human beings, each team is different.

At Gillis Consulting, we work with you to identify and apply the magic in your team. Our approach varies with the teams we coach, and includes programs that include everything from simple activities that promote interpersonal understanding to elaborate simulations or role-playing exercises that lead to solving complex problems. We reinforce skills and behaviors that build morale, motivate team members and enable effective communication while creating and supporting the implementation of sustainable team tools.

Our team development services can help your group:

· Communicate better
· Develop, reassess, and integrate its purpose, vision, and mission
· Deepen your understanding of how to work together productively
· Eliminate barriers to efficient, effective functioning
· Solve problems, put forward new ideas and envision the future
· Create specific and concrete plans for reaching a defined set of goals

Every team-building program is created from a tailored needs analysis. We work closely with you to deliver the kind of experience your team needs, and the results your organization requires. Each program we develop is tied directly to your unique business needs. We offer dynamic and impactful activities that have genuine relevance to your team’s dynamics and to actual situations within your organization. Contact us to learn more about how we can make You. Better.